Why Zoomin Groomin?

Zoomin Groomin has a system of business that works. Franchisees don’t have to invent or reinvent the wheel. Our support team consists of seasoned executives with over 400 years of combined experience in the franchising space. Resources are available to help with marketing, scheduling, training, and operational guidance. Being part of a franchise system allows for significant buying power to procure spas (vans), grooming equipment, and cleaning supplies. The spas (vans) are self-contained so that all the resources needed to perform the grooming procedures are ready to go when the pets step into the spa.

Stress-Free Experience

Zoomin Groomin believes in a stress-free experience. We cater to the needs of the pets.

Unique Bathing System

Zoomin Groomin offers a unique bathing system that provides an alternative for pets that don’t like to be submerged in water.

Effective Marketing Tools

Zoomin Groomin spas are the most effective marketing tool. It’s a moving billboard that creates exposure all day year-round at no cost. It is a true guerilla marketing technique.

Uniquely Positioned

Zoomin Groomin is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growth of ancillary pet care services. Creating partnership marketing with pet stores, veterinarians, dog sitters or dog walkers and specialty stores catering to dogs are some of what we teach in the training we provide. We are with you every step of the way! As the franchisor, we look for trends and opportunities to help the business flourish.

Who Is The Zoomin Groomin Customer?

Almost everyone who is lucky enough to have a pet is a potential customer. For instance, seniors who have mobility issues can feel safe when the Zoomin Groomin spa pulls into the driveway. Parents with young children don’t have to pile everyone into the car to go to the dog groomer. They can escort the pet to the spa and then relax knowing everyone is safe and happy at home. Millennials who cherish convenience as much as they cherish pets have a solution for both. And multiple pet families who are stretched for time can make sure their furry friends are kept clean and healthy on a regular schedule. A clean pet is a healthy pet. Zoomin Groomin offers safety, convenience, and peace of mind by bringing the grooming experience to the front door.

If you are considering joining Zoomin Groomin as a franchisee, a good place to start is with this brief video. If it piques your interest, please reach out to us HERE. 

 You can also take a look at our client facing website HERE.